Middle Tennessee youth, grades 2-12,  who want to join MET Singers this season will be required to complete and submit a 2018-2019 MET season registration packet, registration fee and MET Singer attire fee no later than Sept. 24, 2018.  Registration packets may be completed and submitted online or onsite (see below for instructions).  MET Singers is broken into two groups, MET Singers for grades 4-12 and Mini MET for grades 2 & 3.

Click here to begin the 2018-2019 MET Singers Registration Packet.


Please fill out a 2018-2019 MET Singer Registration Packet online HERE.

If you would like to register in person, please attend the first MET Rehearsal. Packets will be available then.

MET Singers were chosen to perform at the AOSA National Conference at the Nashville Convention Center last summer, and received a standing ovation encore.
MET Singers represent youth of all ages and backgrounds in order to help educate young people about music and culture.
The female ensemble of MET Singers warm up for a weekly rehearsal.
MET Singers rehearse for their AOSA National Conference performance at the Nashville Convention Center.
During MET Camp, MET Singers learned to about Barbershop style singing from Wayne Grimmer of the Barbershop Harmony Society Intl.
Barbershop Harmony Society, Intl. invited MET Singers to perform during their 204 Harmony University in front of over 1000 national and international students, music educators and performers.
Students of MET Singers performed a brief piece of the composed work of Dr. Paul Kwami, The Drummer, for guests at the Nashville Public Library main branch downtown.
MET Choral Camp introduced MET Singers to new musical works and vocal styles throughout the two-week singing retreat in July at TSU.
MET Singers learn about the history of various musical forms throughout the season.
MET Singers and Dr. Cedric Dent rehearse one of his compositions during MET Choral Camp this summer.
MET Singers and Dr. Cedric Dent rehearse one of his compositions during MET Choral Camp this summer.
MET Singers perform for the Tennessee state legislature session in the Spring of 2015.

One payment may be made for multiple siblings, but fill out a separate registration form for each child. NO additional reductions in fees for multiple siblings. The performance attire fee includes t-shirt and formal performance attire costs. Please see a breakdown of fees below:

For more information, call 615-823-4020 x109, email ad@choralartslink.org, or visit www.choralartslink.org

Can be made now via Square which we have provided for you at the bottom of this page. Payments will be accepted online through Sept. 24.

Basic and Registration Relief onsite payments are accepted no later than Sept. 24. ONLY cash, money orders, and credit card payments will be accepted. *We will only take money orders from Walmart, Kroger or Western Union. No checks will be accepted onsite.

After we receive your information, we will contact you. When you have received confirmation that you are eligible for reduced camp fees, you will then be able to make payments online or onsite.

For paperwork submission instructions, please refer to the Registration Relief section of the MET Singers registration packet.


Registration fees:

Grades 2-12  
One Time Payment of $330 or $35 Monthly

Registration Relief  
 One Time Payment of $100 or $10 Monthly 

Performance Attire fee:
$150 or 4 Payments of $35 (paid in full by Nov. 1)


MET Singers will meet every Monday from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Performing Arts Center on the campus of Tennessee State University | 3500 John A. Merritt Blvd. Nashville, TN 371209 |

Questions? Please contact our registration team.

Peggy Drew pgarrisond@yahoo.com | Cynthia Mahaffey mahaffeyfam@aol.com |