Choral Arts Link (CAL), as an organization, works to preserve a tradition and discipline of choral development by providing children the opportunity to develop leadership skills, to enhance their education, and to grow artistically and professionally.

Margaret Campbelle-Holman, Founder and Artistic Director, has been teaching children and teachers for over 40 years.  Her vision has always included assisting children to learn and improve their overall quality of life through music.  “Music is the one ‘language’ that allows all walks of life to communicate, discover and grow,” says Campbelle-Holman.

After moving to Nashville, Tennessee in the early 1980s, Campbelle-Holman found that inclusively instructive methods of teaching music were little known to the local public school system…private schools and surrounding counties had various opportunities.  It was at that point (although always part of her teaching method), that she made it a mission to provide choral arts and integrated learning to any child.

Since those early days, CAL, Inc. became what it is today based on several projects for students and teachers.  After recruiting local music teachers and developing a strong youth chorus known as The MET Singers, CAL, Inc. works to uphold goals that include providing honor choir models to serve children who are public, private, charter and home school students.  In addition to offering opportunities to students, participating music educators receive hands-on choral development training.

The programmatic focus of the organization includes:

The MET Singers
MET Summer Academy
MET Academy


The MET Singers , is the signature program for CAL and is described as a middle Tennessee jewel.  The MET Singers are an extraordinary honor choir that showcases the wealth of talent and opportunity that public education can offer children.

Founded in 1997, The MET Singers Honor Choir consists of students in grades 4 – 12. Under the direction of Margaret Campbelle Holman and an all-volunteer faculty, The MET Singers have performed regularly with The Nashville Symphony Orchestra, lending its voices to the annual Let Freedom Sing concert honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The choir consists of up to 75 youth from public, private, charter and home school settings throughout middle Tennessee.

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