Parents, the latest information about upcoming events as well as protocols and procedures can be found in the MET Singers Dropbox Folder. See the file MET Parent MEMO, with the most recent date, for the latest news.

The MET Singers is the signature program of Choral Arts Link (CAL). CAL’s mission is to is to preserve a tradition and discipline of choral development by providing children the opportunity to develop leadership skills, to enhance their education, and to grow artistically and professionally. Music training bridges the gap to any divide and provides a variety of opportunities for students, teachers, parents and the greater community.

Margaret Campbelle-Holman, Founder and Artistic Director, has been teaching children and teachers for over 40 years. Her vision has always included assisting children to learn and improve their overall quality of life through music. “Music is the one ‘language’ that allows all walks of life to communicate, discover and grow,” says Campbelle-Holman, whose mission became apparent early on in her career: to provide choral arts opportunities and integrated learning to any child.

Learn more about CAL, Inc., our students and instructors as we continue to provide creative arts links within the communities we serve.

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